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Rick Lan


There is beauty all around us. They are often fleeting or inconspicuous. With a camera, Rick make these moments permanent. After printing them as gallery-quality fine art, he hangs them in his favorite spaces. The art reminds him that beauty is all around us.

Rick is trained and works as an engineer. Photography started out as a creative outlet. He then took the camera with him on a long journey across the United States, Europe and Asia for one year and half. He is lucky to be able to see much beauty of the world. He would like to share this beauty through the camera’s lens.

Rick is a self taught photographer. During the learning process, he has seen many great art (photography or not) on a computer screen, in books and in galleries and museums. The digital screen is inadequate compared to a raw, analog print. A reproduction in a book can not capture the experience of seeing an actual print. He believes that the print is the artist’s ultimate vision.

Rick has photographed over 20 U.S. National Park and 23 countries. He now lives in Japan and continues with his photography experiments.

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